Our dental team at Foster Dental is committed to doing everything within our power to save teeth and treat your smile. As part of this effort, we may suggest dental crowns for more serious cases of decay or damage. Crowns are caps used to cover and protect moderately to severely damaged teeth. Made from molds of your teeth after a light reshaping process has been completed, crowns are permanently cemented in place, completely encasing a tooth up to the gum line. We are proud to offer our patients all-ceramic dental crowns in Brooklyn, New York, in order to produce strong, beautiful smiles. There are many benefits to using all-ceramics crowns over other types of crowns.

All-ceramic crowns look exactly like natural teeth, made of smooth, translucent ceramic or porcelain that can be perfectly matched to your natural smile. These crowns are also thinner than gold or metal crowns, making them ideal for those without a lot of space. Your custom dental crown will be light and natural feeling. All-ceramic crowns are perfect for our patients who want to treat damage while still maintaining and promoting a beautiful, radiant smile.

If you are interested in learning more about all-ceramic crowns, we welcome you to call our friendly dentist, Dr. Anthony Foster, today. We look forward to caring for your smile!