A straight smile has many benefits. It improves your ability to eat and chew, promotes good oral health, and helps you feel more confident. However, many people hesitate when they think of orthodontic braces and the other devices used to realign your teeth. Thanks to modern advances in dental technology, there is no longer a reason to hesitate. We are proud to offer clear braces in Brooklyn, New York, to help your smile reach its beautifully ideal position.

Clear braces have become increasingly popular because of their ability to maintain a natural aesthetic throughout the alignment process. Unlike traditional metal wires and brackets, clear braces use aligners made of comfortable plastic. The aligners fit snugly over your teeth and look virtually invisible. Each aligner is specifically calibrated to move specific teeth until your entire smile has been straightened. This process is comfortable, easy, and often faster than traditional orthodontic braces. Clear braces aligners are also removable, so you can continue enjoying your favorite foods and maintain a normal dental hygiene routine during orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Anthony Foster, our accomplished dentist, has the necessary certification and training to offer clear braces at Foster Dental. If you want a straighter, more beautiful smile without any hassle or fuss, call our dental office today to schedule your consultation.