You can benefit from natural-looking tooth replacements that last for life when you visit our dentist for dental implant restorations. Dr. Anthony Foster will help to produce the beautiful, durable crowns, bridges, and dentures that give you back your smile. Contact our team at Foster Dental if you want to learn more about dental implant restorations in Brooklyn, New York.

Missing teeth can create a lot of problems. Not only do they leave an unattractive gap in your smile, but they can also make chewing food and speaking clearly more difficult. There are restoration options available such as bridges and dentures, but these replacements can negatively affect the neighboring teeth and gum tissue. Additionally, bridges and dentures don’t support jaw health, which means that it can shrink over time. However, dental implants not only help the jaw, but they are also some of the most secure tooth replacement options available.

Implants typically have three parts: the implant post, abutment post, and restoration. An oral surgeon will surgically screw an implant post in your jaw bone to mimic the tooth root. After several months of osseointegration (the post fusing to the jaw), the surgeon will attach an abutment post which sits above the gum line. You can then visit our office so we can create the crown, bridge, or denture that attaches over the abutment post and restores the natural beauty and structure of your smile. To learn more about our dental implant restorations, call our office today.