Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies and treats the gums and soft tissues inside of your mouth. Your gums are a vital part of your overall oral health, and we provide multiple periodontal treatments to ensure that your gums stay healthy and strong. The most common periodontal condition we treat is gum disease. We offer periodontal care in Brooklyn, New York, to fight the inflammation and infection of gum disease, which causes pockets as the gums pull away from the teeth. Eventually gum disease can result in tooth loss and bone loss. Our periodontal treatments prevent and treat gum disease.

Dr. Anthony Foster, our practiced dentist, will create your specific periodontal care plan based on the severity of your case and your individual needs. Sometimes, when gum disease is just emerging, it can be controlled by improved oral hygiene habits. If the condition is more severe, we may suggest scaling and root planing. These are deep cleaning methods designed to remove infected gum tissue and prevent bacteria from getting trapped on your teeth and gums. If your gums bleed easily or are tender and swollen, you may be in need of periodontal treatment. For more information about gum disease and how it is treated, we encourage you to contact us at Foster Dental today. We are eager to take care of your entire smile!