Our first priority at Foster Dental is to protect your smile from serious decay or damage. While this generally means we do everything we can to save a tooth, there are some circumstances when a tooth must be removed entirely. This is what is known as a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction in Brooklyn, New York, is only suggested if it is absolutely necessary to the health of your smile. If your teeth need to be removed, we will make sure to walk you through each step of the treatment process and help you feel confident in your treatment plan.

The most common reason a tooth is extracted is irreparable decay or damage that has killed the tooth. While the tooth itself may have died, the infection or damage can live on and spread to the healthier areas of your smile. To prevent this from occurring, the tooth is removed and the area thoroughly sanitized. We use the greatest care whenever removing a tooth and will do all we can to make you feel comfortable. When the tooth has been removed, we will provide you with detailed instructions to guide you through the healing process. We will also give you multiple cosmetic and restorative options to replace the tooth that has been lost. For more information, please contact our kind dentist, Dr. Anthony Foster, today. We are happy to answer all of your questions.