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As we age, our teeth are more likely to fail. Not only is this the result of increased wear and tear on our teeth, but also the result of additional time spent exposing our teeth and gums to the ravages of the world. Teeth can suffer from bacteria and illness just as much as they can be destroyed by physical damage. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions regard our oral health risks as we age:

Question: What negative bad habits can affect our oral health?
– Any bad habits you may have had at a young age are equally detrimental as you age, and in many cases, even more so. This includes smoking and chewing tobacco, and heavy drug use.

Question: Do teeth become more brittle as we age?
– Yes, your teeth are more brittle and prone to damage, so make sure to exercise caution when eating any foods that may be too hard or tough for your teeth and gums.

Question: What are the best tips for protecting your teeth and gums in your twilight years?
– Although there are a vast array of tools and techniques at your disposal, it’s extremely important to always remember the basics. Continue brushing your teeth every day at least twice per day and don’t forget to floss. Instruments such as electric toothbrushes and water flossers can make the task easier to accomplish.

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