Dr. Anthony Foster is pleased to provide excellent dental care in Brooklyn, New York. Read what other patients are saying about Foster Dental, and you will see plainly why our dentist has such a good reputation for giving his patients outstanding service!

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A shoutout is necessary here to my dentist….or “Mouth Mechanic” as he calls himself. Thank you, Tony Foster, for coming up with a strategic plan to give me better health and a beautiful smile!!! This process is like a jigsaw puzzle….each piece fits perfectly into the next. And, he takes the time and trouble to even draw pictures and discuss the best plan. The key here is having a vision of the end result. And, I ask you, who else would sing “Take the Last Train to Clarksville” during a particularly difficult extraction?!! If any of you are in the NYC area…..well, actually Brooklyn……and are in need of an excellent dentist…please call Foster Dental. You will be pleasantly surprised!!! Oh and….I have placed him right up there with my Oncologist and GYN. And no…I am NOT on his payroll!!!!! Ha!
– Marian M


Dr. Foster is always such a pleasure to visit. He goes above and beyond to get to know every one of his patients therefore it never feels like you’re going to the dentist but rather visiting a friend. Whether you’re a Bay Ridge local or visiting from another borough, Dr. Foster will always make you feel right at home. If going to the dentist is scary for you, I suggest seeing Dr. Foster and letting his calm demeanor and chill 70’s music put you at ease. And don’t forget your goodie bag before you leave.
– Jonathan R
Foster Dental is great! Not only can you count on good conversation and good music in the office but Dr. Foster really cares about your oral health, going above and beyond in his care and is diligent in his work. There is no reason to not go to him for your dental needs.
– Michelle E


If I could give 6 stars I would. Dr Foster is one of the best doctors overall that I have ever been too. He is very friendly, a great dentist and a gentleman. Going to see Dr Foster is more like visiting a friend rather than a dentist office. Highly recommend
– Anonymous
Recently, I had two great visits to Foster’s Dental office in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; first time to remove a tooth; and second time to check the progress and general check-up. Both times, I found Dr. Foster to be a true professional; and a kind human being who can explain the situation; offer his solutions verbally and in writing the pictures of the teeth; and help me understand the procedure he would take to complete his work. The result of his professional work on my teeth has been superb. His personal attention to detail and a smiling personality make anyone “enjoy” their visit to a dentist ! I will recommend Anthony Foster to my friends and family any time.
– Krishan R


Finding a Dentist you can trust in a big city can be challenging. This is why I so grateful and thankful to find Doctor Foster — and conveniently right in my neighborhood! I have seen him for a routine cleaning as well as filling. I will be going back in a few weeks for a crown and every visit to his office has been pleasant. It is clear he is incredibly knowledgeable and he is always willing to give you the time to explain your particular situation and the best route for a solution. The pictures he draws are very helpful for me so I can truly get the picture! Pun intended.:) I believe he has my best interest in mind and my teeth’s health is his top priority. This can be very hard to find so I value it greatly. His friendly nature and great music are also a plus. I trust Doctor Foster and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new Dentist
– Tessa N
Dentistry is a medical profession, and it also is a business. You don’t always know which you are getting. For those who want an ethical dentist who takes the time to listen to you, cares for your teeth, and helps you navigate the business of dentistry, this is the practice for you.
– PM W


I’ve been going to Dr. Foster for 12 years now and wouldn’t think of going to anyone else! Dr. Foster provides excellent routine cleanings, and is patient, caring and kind. He always has time to answer your questions and address your concerns. I always feel he has my best interests in mind whenever I visit.
– Carisa S
I had a great experience at Foster Dental. The doctor is friendly, personable and very easy to talk with. I learned a lot about the state of my dental health (it was good!) as well as interesting bits of trivia which put me at ease. I normally don’t like to go to the dentist, but I found that this office has a relaxing atmosphere.
Also, the procedures were done quickly and adeptly, which minimizes time for anxiety or the facial fatigue that I dread. I admitted that I don’t floss as much as I should and was given a new type of dental floss to try. The doctor explained the benefits and demonstrated how this type of floss will work better for me. It was a very pleasant and informative visit! Now, I will not put off going to the dentist as I have in the past – thank you so much for a great visit!

– Jennifer H


I enjoyed my teeth-cleaning experience with Dr. Foster. He also expertly repaired a broken filling. I felt like he really took the time to explain things to me.
– Whitney D
I am a long time patient of Doctor Foster. His professionalism and friendliness keeps me coming back. He has been in charge of my mouth for over 20 years. I highly recommend you start your long term relationship with him.
– Fred M


Had my second check up with Dr. Foster. It is always wonderful to see him. He takes great care of my teeth. Always patient with questions and caring. I can’t recommend him enough!
– William B
I went to Foster Dental for the first time this week. To anyone else searching for a new dentist, look no further. Dr. Foster is a great dentist and the friendliest person you could meet.
– Mary G