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If you’re missing several but not all of your teeth, a set of partial dentures can help fill the gap in your smile. At Foster Dental in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Anthony Foster provides partial dentures that can effectively replace multiple missing teeth. Partial dentures fit comfortably, enhance your appearance, and improve your oral health. Chewing and speaking with dentures is as simple as with your natural teeth after a short adjustment period. To learn more about partial dentures, call or schedule a consultation online today.

Partial Dentures Q & A

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are removable, natural-looking dental appliances used to replace one or more missing teeth. They help restore the shape and function of your jaw and prevent your neighboring teeth from shifting.

Partial dentures are made from metal and acrylic material, which makes them extremely durable and able to support functions like chewing, digesting, and speaking. Dr. Foster decides what type of partial denture that will closely resemble your natural teeth and improve your smile is right for you depending on your situation.

Who are partial dentures for?

If you are missing one or more teeth, partial dentures may be the solution to your problems. Missing teeth, or even a lone missing tooth, can cause other teeth in your mouth to shift position, compensating for the gap in your bite. The soft tissues and the supporting bone near your missing teeth also become susceptible to shrinkage, which can affect your physical appearance and result in oral health issues with other teeth.

Partial dentures keeps your oral structures—namely your gums, jawbone, and facial muscles—engaged. They also give you the self-confidence that comes with having a flawless smile.

How are partial dentures made?

Dr. Foster takes impressions of your mouth that he sends off to a dental lab where your partial dentures are custom-made. He helps decide what materials from which your partial dentures are made, usually a combination of metal and acrylic material.

Once your partial dentures are ready, Dr. Foster attaches them to either metal posts, or implants, that fuse to your jawbone, or with devices called precision attachments that connect your partial dentures to surrounding teeth.

How long do partial dentures last?

That depends. As long as you take good care of your partial dentures, they should last at least 5-10 years. Caring for your partial dentures includes rinsing them and brushing them thoroughly when you remove them to get rid of plaque and food deposits, but don’t use toothpaste to brush them.

As you age, your mouth changes naturally. You may need to come see Dr. Foster periodically for slight adjustments to your partial dentures.

If you’re curious about partial dentures and would like to find out if they may be right for you, call or schedule a consultation online today.