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Patients who experiencing tooth problems are sometimes tempted to have the decayed tooth extracted rather than having a root canal. At Foster Dental, we feel it is better to save teeth whenever possible. To help with this, we offer root canals to help you experience relief for persistent toothaches in Brooklyn, New York.

How do you know if you might need a root canal to fix a hurting tooth?

  • You have a tooth that hurts when hot or cold food or drinks touch it and long afterward.
  • You have an ongoing toothache that is increasingly painful.
  • You experience pain each time you bite down or chew food.

Root Canal Procedure

So what can you expect when it comes to saving a damaged tooth with a root canal treatment? Dr. Anthony Foster will begin by removing the infected tooth pulp. Once that is done, the affected area will be carefully and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This will prepare the area for the placement of gutta-percha, a rubberlike material which will both seal and protects the space left behind. Next, our dentist will either place a dental filling material over the gutta-percha or place a crown over the tooth if the filling is too large or the

Saving a tooth is a wise step to take when maintaining your healthy smile. Dr. Anthony Foster and our Foster Dental team in Brooklyn, New York invite you to call us at 718-673-8060 if you have any concerns about your smile. We look forward to helping you have the best possible dental experiences to create the healthy smile you deserve!