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Do you feel nervous when the time for your next scheduled dental visit rolls around? If so, you are not alone. Dental phobia, or dental anxiety, it a common occurrence and happens to many of our patients as well. Dr. Anthony Foster and our dental team have a lot of experience with helping our patients deal with dental anxiety!

Statistics have shown that 30 million to 40 million Americans experience fear or anxiety when visiting their oral health provider. That’s a lot of good company you are in! So not only are you not alone, but our staff is experienced with helping our patients have the most pleasant experience possible.

Although folks like to use dental anxiety and dental phobia interchangeably, they aren’t exactly the same thing. Let’s take a look!

Dental Anxiety: Those patients experiencing dental anxiety generally have an underlying sense of uneasiness when it’s time to come in for treatment. Exaggerated worries will not be unusual. This also means the time spent in the chair will not be as pleasant as it could be.

Dental Phobia: This type of dread is more pronounced, the intense fear results in the patient feeling stricken with panic. The worst part about dental phobia is that patients will avoid seeking regular treatment that can prevent gum disease and tooth decay from developing. As a result, they will have poor oral health and lower self-esteem because of smile issues.

Do you find yourself having a hard time breathing when your dental team is working on you with their instruments? Are you unable to sleep the night before your treatment? If so, please let us know! Not only will we not judge you, we will respect your space and we will work with you to help you experience a sense of control over your experience in the chair.

To find out more how we can help, we invite you to give our Foster Dental team in Brooklyn, New York a call at 718-673-8060. Dr. Anthony Foster looks forward to making your time with us as comfortable as possible while you achieve all of your smile goals!