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If you feel your smile is lacking and you are looking to whiten it and you live in Brooklyn, New York, you’ll be happy to know that Foster Dental offers a powerful whitening treatment just for you!

When you come into our office, you can expect the treatment to be completed in one visit. The whitening treatment we offer is quick, effective and painless. The entire process for the treatment is completed in only a matter of minutes. Here’s a synopsis of what you can expect from your whitening treatment.

Step 1: The staff of Foster Dental will welcome you and make you comfortable in one of our dental chairs. After you’re seated, we will begin to prepare you for your treatment. This preparation involves covering your lips and gums in order to make sure they are protected from the whitening gel.

Step 2: In this step, Dr. Anthony Foster will paint the whitening agent onto the surface area of your teeth.

Step 3: In the third and final step of your treatment, a special light is shone onto the whitening gel in order to activate the agent. The agent reacts to the light and begins to penetrate your teeth and break up set in stains. On average, the treatment takes around fifteen minutes, and sometimes two more treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for a whitening treatment, please call us at 718-673-8060 at your earliest convenience.