Dental Fear is RealContact Us

Dental fear is one of the main reasons why patients skip their biannual checkups and avoid the dentist even when they have tooth pain. If you are one of 75% of adults in the US who experience dental fear, please speak with Dr. Anthony Foster and our team about your concerns. We will gladly help you work out some coping techniques to help your overcome your dental fear, such as:

    Talking to us about your concerns so that we can address them and customize your visit to help you feel more relaxed
    Exploring the office before your first dental care appointment to help you become accustomed to the environment
    Bringing moral support in the form of a friend or family member who can remain with you during your appointment to provide encouragement
    Agreeing on a signal with our dental team so that we know when you are uncomfortable even if you are unable to speak at the moment
    Trying some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing to train yourself to relax in situations that typically make you feel anxious

If you struggle with dental anxiety, our team is here to calm your fears and ensure your dental visit is worry free. We want you to know that you are welcome to give us a call at 718-673-8060 to discuss your dental fears so that we can care for your smile in an environment that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Call 718-673-8060 today to speak with our dentist at Foster Dental and learn more about treating dental anxiety in Brooklyn, New York.